Saturday, July 13, 2013

Best Air Shows of 2013 and Oshkosh


Best air shows of 2013

Best Air Show from Around the World

Bob and Lance planning to attend this show in Wisconsin
will upload more great photos from the event.

WW 2 Fighter Pilot Dick Chapman

In 1989 Bob learned what many WW2 pilots learned about the Stearman
goes up in the plane that he trained in before flying fifty combat missions
Dick  like thousands of other american pilots in WW2 trained in the Stearman


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mike and I in the Bird Dog observation plane, checking out hunting land

1940 Stearman PT 17 WW2 biplane

Officer  Mike in a 1940 Stearman ready to go look at hunting land

L19 Bird Dog Vietnam war observation plane



Spotting deer in the back of the L19  
and Mike got a chance to fly the plane.
PO Mike Teneriello.
Police Officer, chef, hunter  and now flying fan.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Wall Street Journal story about WW1 fighter plane atop Lower Manhattan skyscraper.
Wall Street Journal plane story

For years, Shawn Hakimian has wondered why a World War I fighter plane sits on the roof of 77 Water Street.
“It’s not every day you see an airplane taking off from a New York City building,” says Hakimian, a developer whose 75 Wall Street condominiums have views onto the roof of the neighboring Water Street building and the biplane that is parked there, on a landing strip lined with runway lights. “It’s one of our buyers’ most commonly asked questions.”
When the William Kaufman Organization built the 26-story office tower in 1970, the owner wanted to adorn its roof with something more interesting than air-conditioning machinery. 
for the rest of story see link above